Trade stimulators

1930's OD Jennings Grandstand Cigarette Trade Stimulator with payout tokens
1920's Jennings The Target Trade Stimulator (Restored Original)
1930's Daval Reel 21 Trade Stimulator (Restored)
1930's 5 Cent Jennings Rockaway Trade Stimulator (100% Complete with Loading Instructions, Loading Tube, Cash Box)
1940's Daval Penny Pack Trade Stimulator(Restored...repaint on cabinet with new award card)
1930's Daval Joker Gum Vendor Trade Stimulator(Original Front, mech. and reels. Sides and back from another Daval machine).
1930's Daval Reel Dice Trade Stimulator (Restored/Re-Painted)
1930's Pace The Cardinal Trade Stimulator (Original as found condition)
1930's Groetchen Dandy Ball-Gum Vendor Trade Stimulator (Restored...repaint on the cabinet...replaced back award card).
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