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Here is a current listing of machines that are in stock. These machines are in the process of getting ready for sale or to be restored. If you find a machine that interests you, please reach out for more information. 585-683-6612 or

-1930's 1 Cent Mills Chevron QT Slot Machine

-1929 Mills Baseball 5 Cent Mint Vendor Slot Machine

-1900's Mills Electricity is Life Arcade Shock Machine

-1 Cent Chester Pollard Junior Golf Arcade Game

-1930's 1 Cent Rockola Four Aces with Gumball Feature Trade Stimulator

-1910 VERY RARE The Running Hare Arcade Shooting Game (Only one known to exist).

-1927 VERY RARE The Champion Speed Tester Trade Stimulator with Babe Ruth (Only one known to exist)

-1929 Mills Baseball 5 Cent Mint Vendor Slot Machine with Skill Stops

-1930's Jennings Grandstand Baseball Trade Stimulator

-1940's 1 Cent Baker Novelty Bomb-Hit Trade Stimulator

-1950's 5 Cent Jennings Governor Slot Machine (Red Light Up)

-1930's 5 Cent Mills Roman Head Slot Machine

-1960's 5 Cent J.F. Frantz Kicker Catcher Arcade Game

-1930's 5 Cent Watling Coin Front Rol-A-Top Slot Machine

-1935 1 Cent Garden City Novelty Co. Gem Cigarette Trade Stimulator

-1930's 5 Cent Mills Thunderbird QT Slot Machine

-1930's 5 Cent Jennings Four Star Chief Hunting Scene Slot Machine

-VERY RARE 1930's 1 Cent Star Machine Manufactures Gyro Shooting Arcade Game

-1930's Daval Tri-O-Pack Trade Stimulator

-1930's 1 Cent Exhibit Supply Love Tester Arcade Machine

-Counter-Top Penny Products Vending Machine

-1940's ABT Target Skill Arcade Shooting Gallery

-1930's 1 Cent Baker Kicker Catcher Arcade Game

-1930's Groetchen Twenty One Blackjack Trade Stimulator

-VERY RARE 1930's 50 cent Jennings Today Vendor Slot Machine

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